The wonderful discovery of Lascaux

Pierre Fanlac

A true story collected by Pierre Fanlac

« But we got even more excited as Ravidat showed us first the black and brown stains which had fallen along the wall as the artist worked, and then, molded in the calcified clay, the faint print of two human fingers!

For long minutes, we stood there, in silence, our heads swarming with contradictory or crazy thoughts. Our hearts were slightly anguished at having violated the secret of these magical incantations, which bore witness to the intelligent life of our distant ancestors.

We had gone hoping to discover a treasure, a few hundred years old, hidden maybe during the Hundred Years War or the crusades, and here we were, sent into a world, which to us was the dawn of time.

We had hoped to awaken centuries and we were facing images thousands of years old. »

Prix : 10 €
ISBN : 978-286577-247-6
18 x 25 cm - 80 pages -
Traduction : Valérie Genta - Épilogue : Jean-Michel Geneste
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Publié dans Jeunesse

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